A recent score.
October, 2000

A recent score.
October, 2000

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Gundam KO

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A Xris special

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Robot Corner
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"It was a rainy afternoon in summer 75' . My trip to the bookshop had brought me "Robots & autres fus┌es d'avant la Lune"*; a book by Pierre Boogaerts, which instantly became my Bible ! Man !! Was I hooked ! 26 years & 2000 + robots later; I'm still at it. That's probably the most amazing feat; I'm one of the last dinosaurobot collector to roam the Earth. From tin to plastic, die-cast or polyethylene, if it's a robot, I need to possess the darn thing. It's a sick compulsion, I know, & a sensationnal amount of toys to live with, but it has it's moments. I hope you'll enjoy looking at those pix.......Best.." X3RIS

*Robots & other rockets from before the Moon; that's when Neil made that giant step for mankind.

All photos without dates: August, 2000