jum•bo (jum'bo) n., pl. -bos. An unusually large person, animal, or thing. Massive. Exceptionally large. –jum'bo adj.
ma•chin'der (mah-sheen'-der) n., pl. -ders. 1. Japanese character robot toys. Usualy close to 24" (60cm) in size and made of polyethelene, some exceptions apply. 2. Easily the baddest-assed toys ever made. [< Eng. machine]

12.03.03 More than a year later and not a single update. We're working on a lot of things over at ToyboxDX.com or better yet ToyboxEX.com so check that out. This site should be working its way into something over there at some point. -s

04.27.02 so yeah, sorry but this place hasn't been updated in forever. Someday maybe it will be but for now I've got no time. Very sorry............... -s

06.15.01 PLAYBOY!!! Well kids... what can say? 6 hours and about 15 rolls of film later, the jumbos are back at my place. The model was dressed, well originally anyway, in a super spacy futuristic silver jacket and CLEAR plastic bra and bottoms. With Mirorred stilletos and wristbands to tie it off. Eventually the wristbands and shoes were all that was left. Lots of shots with her surrounded by jumbos (I dragged 20 in there) and even more with her and just a few. The pictures are planned to go up in the Playboy Cyberclub in mid July, more details as we get them. You can all begin worshiping me now.

03.25.01 Playboy.com is working on a story about Jumbo Machinders, and yes it will include photos of this big robots in compromising situations. The OFFICIAL date for the shoot is May 1st. This is booked in the studio and everything so it's for real.