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mattMATT ALT You know him as the minister of information for the world renowed ToyboxDX.com and the writer of many a jumbo profile for us. This is the expose of his jumbo collection.
updated: 8.00

joshJOSHUA BERNARD is a guy who loves shoguns, especially those of the 24" variety. Right when he thought he had them all he found out about Jumbo Machinders. We feel your pain Josh, really.
updated: 11.99

seanSEAN BONNER The "Virtual Toyroom" is done. Go check it out. But guess what? I just moved, so look out for toyroom 2001 soon...
updated: 12.00

tomTOM FRANCK If you are new to Jumboland then go look at this now! If you've been coming here for a while then you will recognize this as the photo that used to be on the front of the site of Tom's amazing collection. It's really breath taking. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe someday we can get some more pictures from him.
updated: 1.98

jjmJEAN-JACQUES MARCHAL Our first International contributor. Jean-Jacques shares my psychosis and spends far too much money on these polyethelene bad boys. Just when I think I'm getting a lot of jumbos he e-mails me with a list that he just bought, and I have to go buy more! It's a horrid cycle but eh... what can you do?
updated: 10.00

rogerROGER McMAHON Roger is a total lunatic and don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Rumor has it he sold his BMW in order to get the cash to buy 9 jumbos in one day! And you though you mad rash decisions.

lashLASH TAN Lash is a 28 yeal old chinese guy from Singapore , and an interior designer. He also loves jumbos. What else do you need to know?

joGIOVANNI VACIAGO or Jo as we all call him. Jo dosen't have too many jumbos but he's got the coolest collection of Diecast Kaiju this side of the Mason Dixon line. I just picked up some Jumbo villians so check back soon for new pictures.

xrisXRIS A long time lurker of jumboland finally steps out of the shadows. And boy are we glad he did. Xris has a mindblowing collection, we're sure you'll agree.
updated: 10.00

Consider this our own sick form of group therapy. This is where we here at JUMBOLAND get to put up pictures of some other peoples jumbo collections as if to say "See! There's other people just as crazy as us.. We're not the only ones!" That being said, we all know that if there were too many more people in the state of polyethelene induced madness that we are there would be a whole lot of trouble for everyone. What that means, you'll have to decide for yourself.

If you have a Jumbo collection and want to send us some pictures we'd love to see tham and put them up here. Drop me a line and we'll work it out! Thanks

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