Sean is like the Black Lion from Voltron, or the RZA from the Wu Tang Clan. He's the guy who came up with this idea and spends all the time putting pages together, taking pictures, cropping pictures, building flash movies, e-mailing people and everything else. If you remember back in the day the site was actually called "Sean Bonner's Jumboland" but in the spirit of triming away the fat and keeping the site lean and mean we dropped that part of the title. If you want to contribute to the site or have an idea for it, Sean is the man to talk to. Outside of this he can be found at

If Sean is the RZA then Matt is definitly an Ol Dirty Bastard, alright he's that anyway. Either way he's a writting fool and has proven that time and time again with all his descriptions in the profiles section. If you've ever been to the site he co-manages, ToyboxDX, then you know that he also knows far too much about these toys and has an answer to most any question about them. He's also the only one of us currently able to speak and read Japanese which makes him invaluable.

So you've checked out the whole site and now you are wondering "What kind of nutbags are responsable for this train wreck?" Well you've come to the right place. To the right you will find a list of the people involved and how to get in touch with them, or where to send the men with the nice white jackets.

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