Many new shots from the last month or so. Sorry I've been slow with the updates, no digital camera. Lots of new figures and many variations of old ones just updated. Over 20 new photos.

More from Jason Park's recent M1 adventure. Yuji gave him a prototype of the Titanosaurous and the Pink Garamon Display figure. I'd never seen either of them until now, and pictures of both are up for you as well.

Just one small addition. On figures page 2, there's a new picture of the Baltan Seijin "paint it yourself" contest trophy. Jason Park just got one in Japan and it's gold-a-lishious!

Second page of figures added, but only a few images so far. Most from other peoples collections. Check out COOP's bad ass 4 foot Kanagon! Also added are pictures from Jason Park's collection. He's got a variation of the Mandrake 5 pack shown below, with slightly different paint schemes and different paperwork. Really amazing stuff.

Club Daikaiju will release the Bat-Rat-Spider figure from "The Angry Red Planet" at end of this year as a follow up to their Reptilicus vinyl figure. The Bat-Rat-Spider will be issued in two styles: a real-type painted version and a "Cinemagic" glowing red version (as seen on Mars!) Each version will be limited to 1000 figures.

As with their Reptilicus vinyl, the Bat-Rat Spider figure is being co-produced with M-1 and sculpted by special effects artist Fuyuki Shinada of Vi-Shop (creator of Biollante, Godzillasaurus, Legion and Irys, among other famous Japanese movie monsters). Following the release of the Bat-Rat-Spider, we are planning to produce the Giant Amoeba with MR-1 rocketship from "The Angry Red Planet."

M1 recently released a limited 5 pack for the opening of the new Mandrake store in Japan. The set contains the same figures as the last Wonderfest's lucky bag, but painted with some amazing color schemes (the wonderfest set is unpainted). The figures are a Glow manda with green & yellow sprey, a flesh colored godzilla with blue sprey, a black mecha godzilla 2 with blue sprey, a flesh colored jet jaguare with full paint, and a yellow metango with green and pink sprey. The really interesting thing about this set it that it's limited to 100, each coming with a numbered certificate. The bad news is that they are already fetching over $1000 on yahoo japan. Well, at least I can look at the pictures...

The site lives.

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